Everything You Need to Know About How to Plant an Emerald Cedar

Everything You Need to Know About How to Plant an Emerald Cedar

Are you looking for a beautiful statement tree or an attractive hedge for better privacy? Look no further than the Emerald Cedar! It is a beautiful, low -maintenance addition to any landscape. The following tips will teach us how to plant and care for an Emerald Cedar with great success.

First: A Little About Emerald Cedars

Emerald Cedars lend themselves well to hedging because their dense, bright green foliage grows along the entire length of the trunk. As an evergreen, their bright colour and naturally slender columnar shape also make them an excellent choice for a focal point in your landscape.


They can ultimately grow to about 20 feet high and 5 feet wide over their 30-year lifespan. They will grow about 1 foot taller each year until they reach 15 by 4 feet, at which point growth will slow. Learning how to plant an Emerald Cedar properly will help you achieve the desired effect in your landscape design.

How to Plant an Emerald Cedar

To plant any tree, dig a hole about twice as deep and wide as the root ball. This hole size will give your young tree plenty of loose soil to work its roots through and lower the stress of transplanting. Work 1 handful of bone meal into the soil you return to the hole. This amount of bone meal will be enough to nourish your Emerald Cedar for years to come.


Emerald Cedars aren't fussy, but catering to a few of their preferences will ensure their long-term health and beauty. Fertile, well-draining soil will nourish your tree throughout its life and prevent root rot or fungus growth. True to their family heritage, Emerald Cedars need consistent moisture, so your soil should not be dry. Plant them in neutral or alkaline soil if possible.


To encourage bright, dense foliage, plant your tree in a sunny location in early spring or fall. If you would like your Emerald Cedar to be a focal point in your landscape, choose a spot at least 4 feet from fences, walls, or other plants. 


When considering how to plant an Emerald Cedar hedge, first think about how tall your privacy screen will be. For a shorter hedge, space your trees 2 to 3 feet apart. For a screen over 8 feet tall, separate them by 4 to 6 feet. Remember, it will take time for your trees to fill the space you provide.

How to Maintain Emerald Cedars

Emerald cedars are easy to maintain. Water them daily for at least 4 minutes at a time (or 1 hour with a drip hose) for the first 3 weeks after planting. After that, monitor the soil to ensure it remains moist but not muddy until the ground freezes.


Hedges may benefit from a shrub-and-tree or high nitrogen fertilizer before May to encourage fast growth. Because they aren’t competing for nutrients, you don't need to fertilize stand-alone trees unless you notice signs of a deficiency.


Pruning isn't necessary to achieve the naturally conical shape of the emerald cedar and will not trigger new growth. In late fall or early winter, remove dead branches or those that rub each other.


Now that you know everything about how to plant an emerald cedar, sit back, relax, and enjoy your low-maintenance evergreen!

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