Mangrove Restoration Project

Mangrove Restoration Project

This Earth Day, Landscape Direct is partnering with the EarthLungs Mangrove Restoration Project to empower and rebuild coastal communities and habitats. 

Mangrove restoration involves revitalizing and improving mangroves in tropical areas which are crucial to ecosystems and absorb carbon emissions to fight climate change. Since 1980, between 20% and 35% of mangrove areas have been lost due to the increase of urbanization, aquaculture, and deforestation. Through the EarthLungs Mangrove Restoration Project, mangroves are replanted to restore local ecosystems while also providing communities economic and sustainable growth for the land and people such as establishing new fishing grounds, generating sources of income, and reducing the impact of natural disasters. 

By the agency of this project, mangroves are planted both in nurseries and directly with a healthy seedling survival rate of 80%. In places such as Kenya where this initiative is hard at work, livelihoods, food sources, and local animal habitats are being rebuilt with the restoration of mangrove ecosystems. Furthermore, this project provides additional employment opportunities in several underdeveloped communities while also reducing carbon emissions through each tree planted.

For this week to April 22nd (Earth Day), Landscape Direct will plant 1 tree with the EarthLungs Mangrove Restoration Project for each product purchased to share our support and dedication to restoring the earth and marginalized communities. This initiative also supports four main UN sustainable development goals including: ending poverty, promoting employment and economic growth, fighting against climate change, and the conservation of marine life. We invite our customers and community to help us in contributing to this amazing organization and deserving cause to celebrate our earth and give back to communities in need. To read more about the EarthLungs Mangrove Restoration Project, please visit this link:

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