How does Landscape Direct Measure Plants?

Like your local garden centre, Landscape Direct sells plants
based off pot size. In the Nursery Industry pot size is a generalized measure of a plants soil and root structure, which is indicative of plants size based on the variety. The challenge when measuring plants is their continuous growth throughout the season, some varieties double in size from April to August. Below you can see a generalized sizing guide of our plants based on pot sizes. Whenever in doubt on how big at plant will be when arriving, contact our team and we are happy to assist!

What is a #1 Container vs 1 Gallon

At Landscape Direct we believe in transparency and this all starts with our products. Across the industry there are countless "1 Gallon Pots", some smaller and others larger then 1 gallon of soil, this is why Landscape Direct lists products as generalized container sizes. Refer to the chart below for soil volume in containers.

Please note that sizes vary based on seasonality and variety. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email, our team is happy to send photos and estimated sizes prior to ordering

Plant Pot Sizing

 Landscape Direct Pot Size Soil Volume (L) Soil Volume (Gal)
4 Inch 0.62 L -
Quart 0.95 L -
#1 Container 2.7 L 0.68 Gal
#2 Container 6.32 L 1.67 Gal
#3 Container 8.34 L 2.2 Gal
#5 Container 14.38 L 3.8 Gal

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