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We’re Landscape Direct, and we’re Canada’s #1 Online Garden Centre. Our story starts back in the early 2000’s, when our family started a local garden centre from the ground up in Barrie, Ontario. Over the years we connected with our local community by adding a personal touch to their shopping experience and truly listening to our customers to build lasting relationships and trust with our brand. We found that customers were looking for the freshest and fullest plants with new selection each week, something that wasn’t as accessible with your average nurseries, which sparked the idea of creating the next generation Landscape Direct.

Our Vision

In 2020, our online garden centre began delivering plants fresh from the farm directly to our customers doors. With endless selection and exclusive product lines, there is always something new and unique for our customers to find. We envision a world where everyone can experience the joy and tranquillity that comes with nurturing plants, regardless of where you live, which is the core purpose behind our brand. To further this goal, we are proud to offer free shipping to our Plant Pass members, free to join and no purchase required. We want everyone from big to small communities to have access to exclusive farm direct plants that offer something special to their gardens.

We may be servicing more than the loyal Barrie, Ontario customers these days, but we are still proud to be offering the same local garden centre experience, with a passionate team of plant experts who value bringing quality service to our customers. Landscape Direct isn’t just an online garden centre; it’s a thriving hub for plant enthusiasts of all levels. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us any questions you may have, we can’t wait to assist you in your gardening journey!

Our Mission

Our core mission is to connect with our plant community through the love of gardening. We share our passion by not only providing our favourite plants to the world of online shopping, but also exciting new plants you won’t see on the shelves of your local garden centre. Our mission doesn’t just stop there… we want to make gardening accessible for all, regardless of your expertise or location.

It’s not enough to have our plants available at the tip of your fingers, but we want to provide you with the knowledge behind it. We strive to provide as much information on each product as possible with full transparency, so you know exactly what you’re getting. We’ve done our research so you don’t have to - from latin names to insider industry standards - you can trust us to help you learn more, including providing care guides so your plants will last and flourish.

Our Guarantee

It has always been our goal to develop a long-lasting relationship with our customers, and we extend our gratitude to each and every customer through our Happy Plant Guarantee. The Happy Plant Guarantee is committed to two fundamental joys: ensuring that our plants thrive in their new homes and that their owners are delighted with them. Our customers shop with the peace of mind that if plants don’t meet their expectations upon arrival, they can receive a refund within 7 days. In addition, most plants carry a 90 day warranty coverage, please refer to our warranty page for further information.

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