Share Your Content and Get 20% Off Your Next Order

Share Your Content and Get 20% Off Your Next Order

We want to show off your garden on our social media! Share your photos or videos of Landscape Direct plants for us to repost to our community and get 20% off your next order.

How To Redeem

Step 1: Take 2 or more photos or videos (whichever you prefer) of your Landscape Direct plants upon arrival or in your garden.

Step 2: Send your content to through email including your name and any additional comments you wish to share.

Step 3: Once received, you will get a one time use code to redeem 20% off your next order. Your content may also be featured on our social media!

What To Send

Send us 2 or more photos or videos of Landscape Direct plants including any of the following:

  • Plants Upon Arrival (in or out of the box)
  • Unboxing Plants (opening box and showcasing plants)
  • In the Garden (Landscape Direct plants only, shown right after planting in the garden or after a period of time, blooming in the garden)

Please ensure all photos and videos are in bright light, clear, and unedited with no filters. Only Landscape Direct plants are admissible and should be shown. We are looking to share your photos and videos on our social media - so if you want to include any comments about our company or your plants, please include it in your email and we would be happy to share it with our community!


You can find some great photo examples on our Google review page here:

For videos, you can take inspiration from several clips here:

Of course, your photos and videos do not need to be edited or professional in any way! A simple photo and video works great and we appreciate your time and efforts in sharing content with us.


By sending in your content, you are agreeing to provide the rights to repost and re-use your photos and/or videos across our social media platforms or for other marketing purposes. If you would like, your name can be credited or it can remain anonymous. We are excited to grow our community through sharing more customer experiences and showing off beautiful gardens that have been transformed with our plants and your gardening personal touch! 

To send in your content or if you have any questions, please email this address: 

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